Hi, I’m Delano Maloney

I’m hard to describe, I love designing and creating cool artworks, but I also enjoy diving into a bit of coding here and there.

Early on

I have always had a fascination with computers and electronics. I liked taking them apart, putting them back together, and seeing if I can make it work again. Eventually that led me down the path of IT, and its many paths.

I also love to create various artworks, I’m not the best artist, but I find that I enjoy the process of taking nothing and turning it into something.

I am no stranger to blogging and actually this isn’t my first blog, I had a relatively successful blog for a few years, but eventually my interests changed and I stopped posting and ultimately decided to just shut everything down.


Currently I am studying Computer Science and Technology in China, and would like to get into the Gaming Industry.

About this blog

This blog serves as a place for me to express my ideas, or share projects that I’ve worked on or currently working on. I might occasionally post a random review of a song or a movie or a tv series that I might find interesting, or it might just be all coding tutorials, or pictures of cats.

Why ddmboss

Well to tell you the truth, it started as a username I would use in video games, and then it spread to my social media accounts, and I just decided to keep it. I have used my actual real name in the past but this go around I decided to just go back to something much simpler, and thus ddmboss.com